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From the capital Arrecife to the village of Charco del Palo. There are several dives that you will love for their scenery, visibility, and marine life.

Dive Sites in Costa Teguise

Playa del Jablillo

Playa del Jablillo.jpg


Jablillo beach is a small bay about 200 meters long and about 6 meters deep.

It is separated from the open sea by an artificial rock wall, which makes it a quiet place protected from the waves and currents.

It is an ideal dive site for you if you want to...

  • Get started in scuba diving, in a simple and stress-free way.

  • Dive in a place where you will be amazed by the amount of life you will find and at very shallow depths.

  • Refresh your skills before diving a little deeper.

  • Try out your new diving or underwater photography equipment, feeling comfortable and relaxed to do the necessary tests.

Level: Beginners.
Minimum depth: 1 meter
Maximum depth: 6 meters.
Access: From the beach.
About the dive: Diving in Jablillo we can find a great variety of animals. As soon as you enter the water, a large shoal of Cow breams, Breams, Saddled Breams, and many other species of fish come to see you because they are so curious.

As we approach the artificial rock wall we see other species of fish and invertebrates Te Bluefin Damselfish. Scorpionfish, Arrow Crabs, Sea Hares, Anemones, Cuttlefish (Choco in Canarian). 

In the winter months, it is very easy to find Angel sharks that come up to take refuge in the bay and on numerous occasions you can surprise them mating.

Quite a spectacle.


Dive Sites on the North Coast

Charco del Palo

Charco del Palo is a village located about 30 km from the capital of the island.  

Its wild coastline of volcanic rock makes it an ideal place for diving. 

Even if you don't have many dives.

  • Do you want to dive in crystal clear waters with a visibility of more than 20 meters?

  • Do you want to find a spectacular landscape with white sandy ski slopes?

  • Do you dare to go through tunnels and enter caverns filled with shrimps?

  • You want to have encounters with Angelotes, Chuchos, Tembladeras and Mantelinas.

If you are already dreaming about it, you definitely have to dive at Charco del Palo.


Level: Beginners.
Minimum depth: 1 meter
Maximum depth: 6 meters.
Access: From the shore.
About the dive:  On this dive, you can enjoy the company of many species. Hit a stone against the rocks and you will attract the curious Sargos, Bream, Wrasses, and Damselfish that will follow you wherever you go. 

If you enter the small caverns and tunnels you will find shoals of shrimp scurrying across the ceiling and walls to escape the light of your torch.

To see Angel sharks and Stingrays this is the place to dive, especially in the winter months.

Mapa de inmersionescharco del palo.jpg

Dive Sites in Arrecife

Rabat Wreck

It is one of many boats that were sunk in Lanzarote when Spain's fishing agreements with Morocco broke down.

An ideal dive if:


  • You are looking for mystery and excitement.

  • You are attracted to research and curious to explore a ship underwater.

  • You want to get chills when you see the silhouette of a sunken ship appearing as you get closer to it.

  • You wonder who was working on it or why it sank

All of this is what you feel when you dive on wrecks, and the Rabat is one of the best-preserved wrecks on Lanzarote.


El Rabat.jpg

Level: Advanced diver and upwards.
Minimum depth: 18 meters.
Maximum depth: 34 meters.
Access: By Boat.
About the dive: On this dive, it is common to see pelagic species such as Skipjack Tuna, Amberjack, and Barracuda
The boat itself is very well-kept, lying on the reef at a depth of 32 meters. 

An easy dive and very interesting if we do not encounter strong currents.

La Marina

Playa del Jablillo.jpg

Dive in an extensive volcanic reef that runs along the coast of the capital of Lanzarote.



If you dive here, you will find...

  • Spectacular scenery

  • Invertebrate species not seen elsewhere in the Canary Islands.


Level: Beginners.
Minimum depth:  0 meters.
Maximum depth: 30 meters.
Access: From the beach.
About the dive: A very simple dive where you can find another sample of the common species of Lanzarote. A volcanic landscape with calm waters is ideal for beginners.

Choose the dive package that suits you best and come to dive in Lanzarote.


We do two dives per day in the mornings. 
Book on the day you want to do the first 2 dives. 
Once you get here, we will plan the rest of the dives with you.

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Make your booking today and don't worry about anything else.


We understand that many things can happen, and even more so in these current times.


So don't worry and book your dives with full confidence.

You can cancel up to 24 hours before the booking date, and we will refund 100% of the amount you have paid.

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