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Do you want to stop being a beginner?

Don't Miss out on the very best in scuba diving.

There's still a whole world to discover, so... 

Go for it!

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New challenges, more excitement, more safety, more comfort, and more fun. 

  • Learn the basics of deep diving and discover new species and new landscapes.

  • With the confidence of diving with your instructor on a dive from 18 to 30 meters.

  • It's amazing, diving at night. A new world full of life and color.

  • Watch underwater history with your own eyes on shipwrecks full of mystery.

  • Learn to control your buoyancy like a pro and feel like you're really flying underwater.

  • Go for longer distances and have a blast diving with a scooter.

These are just some of the new adventures you have access to when you take the SSI Advanced Adventure Diver course. 


What is the Advanced Adventure Diving Course about? 


Theory Part

You need only two days to complete the course.

During this course, you can try five diving specialties.


The theory is very easy to do.
You can do it at home and at your own rhythm.

You just have to read the sections corresponding to the specialties you choose in the on-line manual and do the knowledge review of each one.


It gives you the basics and the acknowledgment you need to do each dive with success.

5 Open Water dives


Choose the 5 specialty dives you are interested in.

There's something for every type of diver on the Advanced Adventurer course.


Scroll down to see the different specialties you can try in this diverse, fun, and interactive course.


Which specialties can I try during my course?

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Learn to control your neutral buoyancy, on ascents and descents, improve your position and your finning.

Become a professional and fly underwater.

So you do not get lost underwater.
Learn to use a compass and navigate with natural references. 
Locate that wreck that interests you, dive safer and enjoy your dives even more.

Learn how to explore a wreck properly, identify hazards, and discover its history.


We teach you how to keep your photo or video equipment in good condition and tricks to introduce you to the underwater image world.

Get a smile on the fish's face and show your friends your underwater masterpieces.

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Learn the procedures for diving at night or in poor visibility, communication, and the use of a torch.


Learn how to plan and perform a deep dive from 18 to 30 meters and feel the effects of depth.

Go where you have never been before

Find out how to make search patterns, how to use lines, and how to lift objects with a lifting balloon.
It's a challenge and a lot of fun.

Learn how to plan the dive and how to drive a scooter, considering the safety guidelines.

Fun guaranteed!! 

What does the Advanced Adventure course costs and what is included? 

Do you have your own equipment?

Then the price of the course is :


325 € 

What is included?

  1. Digital manual.

  2. International certification.

  3. Dive center T-shirt.

  4. Pick up from your accommodation and transfer to the dive site.

  5. Between dives refreshments.

¿What is not included?

  1. Scuba diving gear.

  2. Scuba diving insurance.

You don't have your own equipment

Then the price of the course is :


369 € 


What is included?

  1. Digital manual.

  2. Scuba diving gear.

  3. International certification.

  4. Dive center T-shirt.

  5. Pick up from your accommodation and transfer to the dive site.

  6. Between dives refreshments.

¿What is not included?

  1. Scuba diving insurance.

Why should you do your diving course with Us?

Do you know what?

All scuba diving courses are pretty much the same.

Theory is the same, the same skills and safety rules.

Because the aim is the same at the end... You just want to dive.

The differences are always made by the dive center and the team of people who accompany you.
That is why it is my turn to convince you to choose us.


languages - aquatis diving lanzarote.png

All team members speak at least two languages.


Together we speak Spanish, English, German, and French.


The only language we are missing is Swahili.

Lanzarote pick-up.png

Pick up all over the island


From Playa Blanca to Costa Teguise. No matter where you are staying.

We will come and pick you up from your accommodation with no problem.


And the best thing is that it's FREE

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We have been in the business for 22 years.

So much time in the diving industry means we know how to do things, and we know what you expect from us.

We are very proud to say that we have been open for over 22 years.

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Dive with friends.

We carry scuba diving inside us, and it is part of every moment in our lives. 
We always try to pass on our passion for it, giving the best of ourselves in everything we do.

That's why our wonderful divers come back every year.


Top-quality and well-maintained gear.

We know the importance of diving with good equipment for you.
We renew our equipment regularly and keep it checked and in perfect condition for diving.

We want you to feel safe and just worry about enjoying your dive.

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Environmentally friendly

We do not use disposable plastic or harmful sunscreens.

We also clean the ocean while diving.​

What other people say about us

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We could tell you that we are the best, that we have the best teachers and so on...

But we prefer that other students who have been in your situation tell you about their experiences.

Who are we?

We are Georg, Sam, Pia, Remi, and Sandra.


We love diving and our goal every day is that you have the best diving experience.
And do you know why?
Because we want you to come back and we and we want you to feel like you are at home and among friends.


Stop being a beginner and go for more adventure.

We are here to take you to your new diving status.
With safety, confidence, and always among friends.

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When should I start?

Select the day you would like to start below.

Once you arrive, we will organize the rest of the course :)

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