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Get your SSI diver certification

  • Do you want to take your first step in your diving life and see the world from a different perspective?

  • Do you want to stop being a beginner, go deeper and get more knowledge and more diving skills?

  • Learn how to respond to emergencies in the water and help other divers. Here you are the hero.

  • Discover what you like best and get more out of your dives.

  • Do you want to see yourself as a recreational diving professional and be the one to guide and teach other divers?

You can achieve all this with SSI diving courses.

These are the dive courses you can do with us.

SSI Open water diver

Certificación Open water SSI.jpeg

SSI Advanced Adventurer

Certificación Advanced Adventurer SSI.jpeg

SSI Stress and Rescuer 

Certificación Diver Stress & Rescue SSI.jpeg

SSI Science of Diving.

Certificación Science of Diving.jpeg

SSI React Right

Certificación react right SSI.jpeg

SSI Specialty Diver

Certificación specialty diver SSI.jpeg

SSI Dive Guide

Certificación Dive Guide SSI.jpeg

Dive Master SSI 

Certificación  Divemaster SSI.jpeg

What is SSI?

  • SSI is one of the world's leading diving agencies. 

  • For more than forty years, SSI has been supplying teaching equipment and training for divers, instructors, and dive centers.

  • All SSI certifications have the ISO Quality Label.

  • SSi is a founding member of the RSTC (Recreational Scuba Training Council) which ensures the interests of the diving community.

  • SSi is present in more than 110 countries with more than 2500 locations.

And this is all great, but... Come on ... We are going to tell you what is interesting for you...

  • Any SSI certification you obtain will be recognized worldwide.

  • Study material is available in 25 languages.

  • All manuals are digital, and you have access to them right from the start to study at your own time and place.

  • You can get free recognition certificates.

  • A new and modern application that includes logbook, certifications achieved, information about dive buddies, dive sites and marine life, and much more.

  • Environmentally friendly.

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