Puerto del Carmen is one of the most important diving spots in Europe.

A place where everyone can dive. 

Dive Sites in Puerto del Carmen

Playa Chica

Playa Chica offers a wide variety of dives suitable for all diving levels. 

In Puerto del Carmen, a volcanic reef runs along the entire coast. 

Due to the proximity of the reef, all dives can be done without using a boat. 

Enter from the beach or from the pier.

It provides high-quality dives due to the diversity of marine life.

In addition to the caverns, tunnels, and volcanic tubes that make the dives more than interesting.


  • If you have never dived before and want to do your first dive with the possibility of doing a second dive at a greater depth.

  • If you want to start or continue with your training in the different diving certifications that we offer.

  • If you just want to dive recreationally, whatever is your level of diving. 

Anything is possible, diving in here.


La Catedral.


Level: Advanced
Minimum depth: 22 meter
Maximum depth: 32 meters.
Access: From the beach or by boat.

About the dive: One of the most famous dives in Lanzarote. A large cavern is full of marine life and color.

Tablet-la catedral-min.jpeg

We start the route from the beach or from the jetty along the sandy beach to the reef.
We find a large branch of Black Coral at the entrance to the cathedral.

Inside the cavern, we discover a large layer of color under the light of our torch.
If we stick to the ceiling, we can observe the pools of air produced by our bubbles and also how the Rainbow Wrasse and the Fairy Basslet swim upside down.

Blue Hole


Level: Advanced
Minimum depth: 22 meter
Maximum depth: 32 meters.
Access: From the beach or by boat.
About the dive: 
A tunnel that runs through the reef from the sandy area to the lower part of the cliff. 

It is a very easy dive, although a bit deep. 

Tablet-agujero azul 2-min.jpeg

Starting from the jetty, and going down the sandy area, we find several schools of fish.

We cross a field of Garden Eels, and then we find the entrance at about 22 meters.

We come out at the lower part of the reef at about 25 meters. 

If we keep going along the reef, we find several caves full of Shrimps and the Groupers that hunt them with the help of our torch.

At the end of the cliff, you can start the ascent to the upper part, where you can often find shoals of Barracudas, Jacks and Amber Jacks hunting.

Playa Chica and El Muellito:


Level: Beguinner
Minimum depth: 0 meters.
Maximum depth: 9 meters.
Access: From the beach or the pier steps.

About the dive:  These are two shallow dives that are suitable for snorkelling, as well as for beginners and beginner's courses.

The perfect place to make a safety stop if you are coming from a deeper dive on the reef. 

Tablet-agujero azul 2-min.jpeg

Also, great for night diving. 

Discover the schools of wrasse and wrasse that swim close to the rocks. 

It is very curious to watch the brave little Blue Fin Damselfish defending their territory from you and may even get a bite out of you.

Home to Arrow Crabs, Starfish, Sea Urchins, and Brittle Star hiding in the rocks.

Orange Coral


Level: Advanced
Minimum depth: 22 meter
Maximum depth: 32 meters.
Access: From the beach or by boat.
About the dive:  A very nice and interesting dive.

Descending from the beach towards the reef. We start to follow the reef in the sunken barge. 

Veril de Playa Chica.jpg

The reef here forms an almost vertical wall, where we can find a lot of small life. 


It is also common to see groupers peeking over the edge of the wall.

The star of the dive is a beautiful Orange Coral hidden in a hollow in the reef, which you may miss if you don't know it is there.


If we finish the dive by ascending the sandy beach, we find garden eels and seahorses hidden in the knots of ropes.

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